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Third Party Certification

ISO 1720 Definition for Third Party Inspection Services Company

The ISO 1720; – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection- specifies characteristic of these kinds of inspection agencies.

Based on these requirements, these agencies must be impartial and independent in their inspection activities and in their inspection reports and results.

All interested companies such as traders, buyers, sellers, engineering companies, construction companies must have access to the third party inspection services of these inspection companies.

Impartial and independence conditions are very important factors for third party Inspection companies. In this direction, ISO 17020 does not allow these companies to be participated or involved in any procurement, purchasing, construction, installation and even design activities.

They must only provide third party inspection services and noting else.

third party inspection
Based definition of the ISO 17020, these inspection companies are category A inspection organization. Based on this standard, there are two more inspection organizations that are not independent.

A category B inspection organization is an inspection department in a large-scale company that is involved in the design, procurement, construction, installation, etc. and this inspection department provides third party inspection services to its own company.

Usually a category B inspection organization is a quality control department in an engineering or EPC company. This department assists the company in procurement and purchasing projects and makes inspections on the equipment and materials that are purchased by its own company.

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a s consultant