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Carbon Foot Print

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Carbon Footprint Reduction

Individuals and corporations can take a number of steps to reduce their carbon footprints and thus contribute to global climate mitigation. They can purchase carbon offsets (broadly stated, an investment in a carbon-reducing activity or technology) to compensate for part or all of their carbon footprint. If they purchase enough to offset their carbon footprint, they become effectively carbon neutral.

Carbon footprints can be reduced through improving energy efficiency and changing lifestyles and purchasing habits. Switching one’s energy and transportation use can have an impact on primary carbon footprints. For example, using public transportation, such as buses and trains, reduces an individual’s carbon footprint when compared with driving. Individuals and corporations can reduce their respective carbon footprints by installing energy-efficient lighting, adding insulation in buildings, or using renewable energy sources to generate the electricity they require. For example, electricity generation from wind power produces no direct carbon emissions. Calculation and find out the  of carbon foot print scope-1, 2 & 3 also calculate the GHG emission and GWP . Additional lifestyle choices that can lower an individual’s secondary carbon footprint include reducing one’s consumption of meat and switching one’s purchasing habits to products that require fewer carbon emissions to produce and transport. We are solution can provide as per Clint requirement for reduction of carbon emission and GWP. 

a s consultant
a s consultant