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ISO 14001:2015

Introduction of ISO 14001:2015 certification : Fast growing era of Industrialization has created environment risk in different aspect. Considering Global Warming Risk, all the countries have to fulfill its environment commitment. Considering Environmental Crisis, ISO have issued ISO 14001:2015 Standards to deal with environmental issues globally.
Adaption of ISO 14001:2015 should be a strategic Decision of any Organization; Design & Implementation & time required is mainly depend on the following factor

  • Present Policy, Procedure & Practice 
  • Organizational Environmental Issue
  • Environmental Objective of organisation
  • Scope (Activities, Products or Services) of EMS of Organisation
  • Environmental Impact Aspect of organisation
  • Legal & Regulatory Requirement
  • GHG emission prevention and control  

Roadmap for QMS ISO 14001:2015: Roadmap and plan for ISO 14001::2015Â Certification basically depend on various factors, but mainly following are the main factors of the EMS (ISO 14001:2015) Certification.
Identify the applicability of ISO 14001:2015 to your organisation.

  • Make Decision for ISO Implementation/Certification.
  • Get skilled team or hire services of consultant.
  • Identify GAP Analysis.
  • Make Implementation Plan.
  • Opt PDCA [Plan-Do-Check-Act] cycle.
  • Design, implement, aware about the Environmental Policy, Environmental Objectives, Impact Aspect Study & Documentation
  • Establish & evaluate the system and procedure.
  • Identify the boundaries of the management system and produce documented procedures as required.
  • Ensure these procedures are suitable and adhered to the requirements.
  • Once developed, internal audits are needed to ensure the system carries on working.
a s consultant
a s consultant