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Building Commissioning

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According to the Center for Energy efficiency and Environment,

AS consultant Opportunities for recommissioning measures were identified through field measurements carried out by highly-skilled and experienced engineers to quickly zero in operating strategies that waste energy. Major recommissioning opportunities identified included:

  • Building commissioning as per IGBC & Assocham Gem independent agency;
  • All type Building commissioning according to ECBC & green building concepts;
  • Calibration of control system instrumentation;
  • Commissioning of HVAC system chillers, cooling tower, secondary & primary;
  • Resetting supply air temperature set point;
  • Resetting duct static pressure set point;
  • Replacing bad inlet guide vanes with VFDs and VFD frequency setting ;
  • Calibration & air balance of VAV terminal boxes;
  • Improving economizer operation;
  • Optimizing the chiller and chilled water pump operation;
  • Performing hot water and chilled water balance;
  • Optimizing heating water temperature reset schedule and on/off sequence;
  • Reducing outside air flow;
  • APFC panel commissioning and controlling as current load;
  • Calibration of thermostats;
  • Performing air balance;
  • Determining the minimum outside air damper position; and
  • Repairing linked flex ducts and leaky reheat control valves.
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Reduction of energy use
  • Identification of chronic maintenance problems
  • Improvements in building comfort, IAQ, lighting, and so forth.

All operating improvements made should be recorded, and the building operator should be trained on how to sustain efficient operation as well as implement capital improvements.

Commissioning  applies mainly to buildings base case commissioned or retro-design base commissioned, for which the original commissioning process documentation shows that the building systems performed as intended at one point in time. The intent of recommissioning, therefore, is to help ensure that the benefits of the initial commissioning or retro process remain valid. The need for recommissioning depends on several factors, among them changes in function and use of the facility, quality and schedule of preventive maintenance activities, and frequency of operational problems. In some cases, ongoing commissioning may be necessary to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, use green and go green, optimize energy use, and identify energy and operational retrofits for existing buildings. Periodic Commission may also take place when a building previously commissioned undergoes another commissioning process to help keep it operating optimally,low environmental effect.

a s consultant
a s consultant