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Electrical Safety

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For Quick response for all types of Electrical Safety Audit in India you can mail or call us at +918452040929 or Whatsapp by Clicking here. A S Consultant is carrying out Electrical Safety Audits for all types of Buildings and Industries including Hotels,Hospital,Residential,School,Manufacturing Industries,Chemical Plants,Power Plants, FMCG, Moulding, Mines and many more.

Over 20% of fires which take place world wide and 40% of fires which occur in India are due to faulty electrical circuits. Electrical hazards continue to threaten the safety of people and property in the form of shocks, burns, injury, fire and explosion. With electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks should be managed effectively.

In process industries, fires arising from electrical faults are highly probable, especially in industries that handle flammable chemicals. In service industries such as information technology, telecommunications, business interruption losses due to electrical hazards (fire in server room, damage of expensive communication equipment, loss of data, fire in cable gallery, etc.) could be substantial.

A S Consultant carries out Electrical Safety Audit according to systematic procedures in order to evaluate potential electrical hazards, and recommends measures to minimize/prevent these hazards (i.e. electrical shocks, electrical arcs, and electrical blasts). Our Electrical Safety Audit is a loss prevention program – property/production loss (e.g. electrical fire hazards) and loss of life/injuries to personnel.

a s consultant
a s consultant