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Energy Conservation

Energy prices have increased at an alarming rate, and interest in environmental responsibility is at an all time high. Many organizations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions,GWP, Pat calculation, Scope-I, Scope-II & Scope-III and save on overall utility costs.

ECBC – Guidelines on Building envelope.
Envelope design basics.
External loads, Solar heat gain through windows,Heat losses across envelope surfaces.

Air infiltration in the building.

Internal loads, Lighting, Computers, Equipment, People.

Passive solar design strategy, Seating and orientation.
Shade,Cross – ventilation, Cool roof, Solar reflectance, SHGC, Fenestration, Skylight, Vertical fenestration, Fenestration area, Visible Light, Transmittance.

While total energy management is very complex, there are some relatively simple strategies that can reduce your company’s energy consumption, lower costs, and advance your conservation goals.

Lighting: Energy efficient lighting is an easy way to lower energy bills. When installing or replacing commercial lights, consider the location, conditions, and lighting quality desired. Choose appropriate energy-efficient lamp technology, controls, and other components for a high performance lighting system

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a s consultant