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Indoor Air Quality Certification

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Air quality is essential for a productive working environment

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is likely to be 2-5x worse than outdoor air quality. Given that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, your building’s indoor air quality can significantly affect employee and customer health, comfort and productivity. In India has been the 5th most  polluted  country in the world on the basis basis of the amount of PM 2.5.
•  Most polluted cities in the world-21 Indian  of Top 30 cities as per WAQR Switzerland.

As per CPCB NAAQS of India find out the these are parameter So2, No2, PM-10,PM-2.5, O3, C0, NH3, Led, benzene etc.

The building automation system pays attention to monitoring and maintaining indoor air quality. Enhanced by predictive analytics, cloud computing and processing power, our cutting edge technology achieves the ideal level of Indoor Air Quality and mixed air temperatures, allowing for maximum comfort at all times. It reduces your carbon footprint while making your buildings comfortable, automated and extremely smart.

To top it all off, it can help you save up to 50% on your energy costs, with smart, predictive HVAC automation and outside air optimization. 

a s consultant
a s consultant